Running For City Council

Tips For Writing An Effective Campaign Platform

If you are planning to run for public office, you need to let your constituents know what they can expect should they elect you and what you believe on certain issues. Your opinion on various issues combined with your plans for the future and the specific issues that you would like to tackle is known as your campaign platform. However, not all platforms are designed equally for campaigns. Here are some tips for writing an effective campaign platform that gives you a better chance of being elected.

1. Identify Your Key Voters

You first need to figure out who your key voters are. For example, if the majority of your beliefs and opinions line up with people over the age of 65, these are going to be your key voters. They are going to be the voters that you are most likely to resonate with and who are most likely to vote for you in the coming election. You need to solidify your hold on your key voting groups, as well as expand your base. Your platform is an excellent way to do this.

If, as in the example above, your main group consists of people who are over the age of 65, some of your key issues need to be in line with problems that resonate with them. You might need to promise to firm up pensions or increase services to elderly people. 

If your views are close to working mothers but don't match as exactly as your beliefs do with people over the age of 65, then you also want to add planks to your campaign platform about issues that concern working mothers, such as family care and maternity leave.

2. Figure Out the Specificity Sweet Spot

Once you have your core set of issues that you want to talk about in the majority of your speeches, you will need to figure out how specific you can make them without generating a negative reaction. For example, if pensions are a contentious topic in your community, you want to use phrases when designing your platform that talk about pensions generally and how you want to protect them. You don't want to specifically say how you are going to protect them because people could take issue with your plans. If you plan to increase maternity leave for people in your city or state and it's not a contentious topic, feel free to talk about how you are going to do that specifically, such as by outlining a law that would make maternity leave offers mandatory for all businesses.

For more information, talk to your local campaign staff manager. 

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